Rev. Gwyn & Ginny Vaughn, Senior Pastors
Rev. Gwyn Vaughn and his wife, Ginny, have served as senior pastors of Faith Christian Assembly since 1992.

Before coming to Faith Christian Assembly, they served as senior pastors of four churches. Gwyn answered the call to ministry at the early age of nine and committed his life to the work of the ministry from that day forward. He has now been in full time ministry for more than forty years.

Gwyn & Ginny were married in 1960. They are the parents of two grown children: Sheri, who is married to Gary Leming; (they have two children, Lauren and Tyler), and Paul Vaughn.

Pastor Vaughn has also served many organizations as a troubleshooter in dealing with church and ministerial problems. He is presently a member of the Executive Board of the Grace International Churches and Ministries, Inc., and serves as District Superintendent over the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties of Southern California . He has also served as a Board Member of the Foreign Missions Department.

Gwyn Vaughn has written and published a manual, “What Every New Convert Should Know”, which is presently being translated into several languages. He has made this teaching tool available to pastors, evangelists and missionaries to use in establishing new believers in the faith. Gwyn has a passion for raising up young ministers in the church, and because of this has established a Pre-Ministerial Course.

Pastor Gwyn Vaughn has ministered extensively in several nations of the world. He is committed to excellence, integrity, and mission, because the focus of his ministry is to do God’s will, using the giftings and opportunities He has supplied, until the day when his work is completed.